Our Curriculum


At Westbrook Academy our teachers encourage children to take ownership of their learning.  Through a literacy based, language rich curriculum and an academic environment that welcomes exploration of thoughtfully arranged and “stocked” learning centers, children become capable and confident learners.

LITTLE LAMBS CURRICULUM (6 weeks – 24 months)

Our Little Lambs suite offers a safe, nurturing environment for your baby to blossom through continued discoveries.  The Academy’s trained teachers provide excellent daycare while fostering your baby’s desire to learn.  There is a special, warm, and peaceful spot right here waiting for your child.  They will be held, rocked, talked to, and loved.

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BUSY BEE (2 – 5 years)

Our Busy Bee curriculum is literacy based, language rich, and play driven.  Thematic units of learning are organized around a featured Big Book.  Literature comes alive through manipulatives, bulletin boards, learning centers, music and movement activities and dramatic play.  Language arts, math, science, and social study concepts are “spun off” of the featured Big Book.  The environment is language rich with frequent and varied exposure to written and verbal expression.

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Because each child we serve is unique, so are their developmental timelines and learning styles. If you suspect your youngster has a developmental delay or your school ager needs an extra boost, we are there for you with screenings, evaluations, and implementation of services that are appropriate.

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When you come to pick up your school ager after a hard day’s work, we want you to be greeted by a happy child who has completed their homework, had ample recreation and a hearty snack that will tide them over until dinner.  We want you to have that time you need to unwind before you begin your evening obligations.

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